Pumpkin Relay - 2014

By Center Grove Orchard (other events)

Saturday, November 1 2014 8:00 AM 10:00 AM
  • 2-person teams, each runs 1.5 mile while holding a pumpkin, then passes it to their teammate to run another lap for a total of a 3-mile race
  • Cross-country style course over grass, dirt, rocks as well as obstacles including the super slide and hay bales
  • Registration required - register here in advance for $40 or on site the day of the race for $50.  Fee includes complimentary pumpkin, post-race yoga, fun, and 2 farmyard passes for use on that day.
  • Registration begins at 8am.  Relay Race begins at 9am.
  • Even though this is designed as a relay, one person teams are welcome!
  • A portion of the proceeds benefits the Campbell family, of Slater, IA, who will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Jingle Bell Run and another portion to the American Autoimmune Disease Association.  We have gotten to know Jessica as she has been working seasonally at Center Grove Orchard.  A CarePage site, SistersOverPain [], tells the story of their 3 daughters and how they have been living with pain for most of their life.  From Juvenile Arthiritis to MCTD and Lupus, Jessica and family have the motto "Everybody has something".  Jessica shares with us, "The important thing we want people to understand about all these diseases is that you can't let it stop you from being active and enjoying the life God has given you.... Just because you look at another person and think they have it easier or better than you doesn't make it so. You can't look at our girls and see everything they deal with daily, but that doesn't mean it isn't there." 

Mailing Address

32835 610th Avenue Cambridge, IA 50046